Our Products


Cling Film

Our cling films are known for their soft feel and come as eco-friendly alternatives to conventional PVC-based cling films. They are used for various applications, mainly for preserving the freshness of food, protection from damage and contamination, and increasing shelf life during storage.


Sugar Satchets

We specialise in a wide variety of Sugar Sachets. Royal Wraps Sugar satchets can be custom printed to standard sachet. Whether you are a food service provider, restaurant, bar, cafe or hotel, advertise your brand/logo with us with your message or logo. Get in touch with us for more information.


Aluminium Foil

Keep your food fresh and tasting great with Royal Wraps aluminium foil. Made using heavy duty silver aluminium foil that is extra-strong and withstands high and extremely low temperatures making it safe to use on the grill or store food in the freezer. It is extra thick, strong & durable.